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Day-Timer Planners For 2016

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Day-timer Slim DakotaThese days it seems that everyone has a busy, hectic lifestyle with a lot of activities and appointments to keep track of. It can become quite a challenge to keep everything straight if you are not a very organized person. Getting and staying organized is an essential part of keeping your schedule running smoothly. Day-Timer planners are the perfect solution for making sure you and your whole family are organized, and that nothing important is forgotten. If you haven’t always been great at staying organized in the past, get a fresh start with a Day-Timer planner for 2016 to start the year out right.

Day-Timer offers a wide variety of planners and associated products, such as daily planners, weekly planners, monthly planners, appointment books, calendars, school planners, and even mom planners so mom can keep up with the schedules of everyone in her family. There are also planner sets available, planner refill pages, attractive planner covers, as well as planner accessories.

If you’re in the market for an extremely portable Day-Timer planner for 2016, the Slim Dakota Planner fits the bill.  This is a weekly planner with a two page per week format. The page sizes are 3 3/8″ by 6 1/4″, making it the perfect choice for carrying in a briefcase, purse, or pocket. Features a soft, polyurethane cover that has the look of suede. This planner comes in an attractive black color.

2016 Day-Timer Notebook PlannerThe Notebook Size Monthly Planner for 2016 comes with 8 1/2″ by 11″ wirebound notebook pages in a two page per month format.  Includes diary pages, and to-be done pages. Black cover can be personalized if desired. This product is shipped in an attractive burgundy colored gift box. This planner keeps your monthly obligations visible at a glance.

If you are someone who happens to have a lot of appointments to keep track of, the Day-Timer Flavia Weekly Appointment Wire-Bound Planner is an excellent choice.  This planner is a good option for those who work in jobs where they bill hourly charges, or for self-employed individuals such as hair stylists who book appointments throughout the day. Planner is designed with a vertical style allowing Day-timer Flavia Planneryou to glance at all appointments ranging in times from 7am to 10pm. Planner is laid out in increments of fifteen minutes. Gold colored planner includes twelve sets of monthly planner pages, places for phone numbers and addresses, and a list of time zone conversions and holidays from all over the world. This appointment planner features inspirational messages and illustrations from the artist Flavia Weedn.

A perfect choice for the busy family to help organize and keep track of bills and expenses is the Bill Payer’s Bundle. It’s a dirty job, but we all have to tackle those unpleasant bills each month. Staying organized when it comes to household bills and expenses can avoid missing an important payment or being late paying a bill with a deadline that could cost you in penalties and late fees. The bundle features a monthly loose leaf planner for which refill pages can be purchased, in a seven ring binder. Bundle allow you to then choose your own monthly dividers, monthly expense Day-timer Bill Payer Bundleenvelopes, desk size archive storage set with slipcase, and highlighters. All of these items will allow you to keep track of and manage your monthly household expenses, as well as keep track of all receipts and purchases. Perfect for busy moms, households, and home office use.

An attractive Day-Timer cover can be purchased for you planner in beautiful leather designs. The environmentally friendly recycled leather cover of the Biscayne Bonded Leather Zip Pocket Size Planner Cover  features a zipper to keep your planner pages from becoming bent while inside your purse or briefcase. Cover also contains inner pockets for holding loose receipts and notes, and a pen loop to keep your pen handy. Day-Timer covers can also be purchased for loose-leaf planners and wirebound planners.

Start your 2016 off right by choosing a planner from Day-Timer than will keep you organized all year long. Half the battle of juggling a busy schedule is planning ahead and keeping things organized. A planner is an important first step in getting in control of your busy schedule so that it doesn’t seem to control you.

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Day-Timer Planners For 2016
Day-Timer planners are the perfect solution for making sure you and your whole family are organized, and that nothing important is forgotten.
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