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Custom Photo Calendars for Under $25.00

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2016 Custom Calendar

If you are searching for the perfect gift for someone special and trying to find something that is fun and affordable, yet still personal, consider creating a custom photo calendar for under $25.00.

Custom photo calendars make the perfect gift for almost any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and more. Consider all of the unique possibilities to choose from when creating a custom calendar that will not only bring joy to the person receiving it on their special day, but all year long. When the calendar year is complete, they can keep the calendar as a treasured keepsake full of memories.

With digital photography becoming increasingly popular these days, there are so many ways to upload photos right from the comfort of your own home. These uploads can be sent to online photo processing companies, a local retailer that prints photos, or just about any pharmacy chain with a photo and camera department. Most of the places that make prints of photos or still develop traditional film will offer additional services such as photo gift ideas, including photo calendars. Online sites such as, as well as many retail stores and pharmacy photo departments, allow users to upload selected photographs into a project where they can then add text or special dates to the calendar pages. Easy to use online or in store tools make it fast and easy to create something truly special and personalized for the recipient. Here are some fabulous ways to create a custom photo calendar to give as a gift.

2016 Custom Calendar inside

Let’s say you know someone celebrating a special anniversary. By gathering old photographs of the couple from the early dating years through the years of their marriage, you can create a timeline of the couple’s lives together. For older photos before the age of digital photography, you may need to scan the images before being able to use them in your calendar project. Imagine how touching it would be for the couple celebrating their anniversary to browse through a custom made calendar depicting scenes from their lives together. From an old photo while they were dating, to a wedding shot, to the first child, second child, etc. Arrange the photographs to be used in the project with the earliest shots being used first, winding up December with a more recent photo of the pair. The calendar will serve as a reminder of the timeline of the couple’s life and brings smiles every time they glance at it.

For such occasions as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, perhaps choose special photos of the child or children with the parent, ranging in age from the baby days on up to the most recent photos. Each month will symbolize how the time has passed and will remind them of how the child has grown.

Other calendar ideas include choosing a family photo that was taken in the particular month currently displaying on the calendar. For example, if the family loves to ski together, perhaps choose a photo of the family on vacation at a ski resort. For your July shot, perhaps choose a great shot of the annual family Fourth of July picnic. The key is to choose special photos that truly represent something special in the life of the person receiving the calendar. By adding text and filling in dates that are important to the person of the family, you have created a truly unique gift idea that keeps giving every month of the year.

For a special birthday calendar, consider choosing photos of the individual on each birthday through the years. As the year passes by, they will be reminded about the years of their life and be able to reflect back to that time with happy memories.

When it comes to creating a custom photo calendar, the possibilities are endless. By combining special photographs that hold special meaning for the person for which the calendar was created and combining them with text and other fun calendar features individual programs might offer, you can give a creative, unique, and truly special gift that will last 365 days, and 366 days on leap year. Most calendars can be created in twelve and eighteen month options and are typically priced at under $25.00.

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Custom Photo Calendars for Under $25.00
A custom calendar makes the perfect gift for almost any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, and more.
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