2014 Model Calendars

If you want a 2014 calendar with a hot looking babe, or some hot looking men, look no further, you can find that calendar here. While we can't show you the inside of the calendars on this page, you can unwrap the package at home to see the rest. While we have included most of the available calendars on this page, to see the complete collection, click through to our partner site to see the rest.

201400001545 2014 Model Calendars


Hot Guys and Baby Animals 2014 Wall Calendar

$14.99  $7.49

Ridiculously hot guys? Check. Incredibly cute baby animals? Check. What more could you possibly want in a calendar? The Hot Guys and Baby Animals 2014 Wall Calendar is as cute and hot as ever with all new images of studly male models cuddling adorable baby animals. Tongue-in-cheek captions de

201400005450 2014 Model Calendars


Bear Men 2014 Wall Calendar

$15.99  $7.99

Some of the hottest, hairiest models from ButchDixon.com come together in this best-selling calendar that is sure to please those who lust after real men. This calendar contains nudity and is intended for a mature audience. UPC: 857604014137 EAN: 9781886888128

201400005456 2014 Model Calendars


Legend Men 2014 Wall Calendar

$15.99  $7.99

Ron Lloyd has photographed some of the most muscular bodybuilders on the planet and this collection of these massive nude men proves to be truly legendary. This calendar contains nudity and is intended for a mature audience. UPC: 857604014236 EAN: 9781886888227

201400005458 2014 Model Calendars


Men of Falcon 2014 Wall Calendar

$15.99  $7.99

Enjoy the gorgeous men of Falcon Studios all year long with this calendar that will keep you in awe each month as you gaze at the chiseled physiques of both the rugged and youthful-looking men that Falcon is known for. This calendar contains nudity and is intended for a mature audience. UPC: 857604

201400005731 2014 Model Calendars


Spirit of Black Men 2014 Wall Calendar

$14.95  $7.47

Photographer Davide has gathered up some of the hottest Black Men in America for the new 2014 Spirit of Black Men calendar. This calendar is filled with important black history information. ISBN: 1595864288 UPC: 723519014855

201400005867 2014 Model Calendars


Gil Elvgren Pin Ups Weekly 2014 Wall Calendar

$19.99  $9.99

The Elvgren Weekly Tear-off Calendar showcases the iconic post-depression American pin-up girl. Start planning the year ahead with a new Gil Elvgren fantasy girl for every week. 52 reproductions to hang or display on a desk. EAN: 9783836546294

201400005560 2014 Model Calendars


Elvgren Pin Up Girls 2014 Mini Wall Calendar

$8.99  $4.49

Just when you never thought you'd find one here's a petite-sized wall calendar that's unique enough to give as a gift or keep for yourself! Featuring interesting and expressive artwork on thick, cream-colored paper with stylishly rounded corners each calendar is a small piece of luxury. The studio r

201400004575 2014 Model Calendars


Pin-Ups 2014 Easel Desk Calendar

$12.95  $6.47

Do you love scantily clad, curvy, sexy, smiling women from the 1940s? This Pin-Ups easel desk calendar is for you. It features 12 colorful vintage images of enticing fun-loving gals inviting you to play. The calendar (not the women) measures 6" x 6.75" x 3" when expanded and is printed on acid-free,

201400005844 2014 Model Calendars


Gil Elvgren Pin-Ups 2014 Wall Calendar

$13.99  $6.99

The Elvgren hanging wall calendar showcases iconic post-depression American pin-up girls. Start planning the year ahead with a new fantasy girl for every month! TASCHEN's Wall Calendars feature 12 big and beautiful reproductions, an elegant layout for the days of the month, and all official holidays

201400000837 2014 Model Calendars


The Daily Hunk 2014 Desk Calendar

$14.99  $7.49

Spend each day of the year with a different hunky guy in fantasy that is! The Daily Hunk contains enough sexy men to keep you fantasizing all year long. Accompanying each photograph is a mini-bio for each model that reads like something right out of the personals. UPC: 764453094510 EAN:

201400009475 2014 Model Calendars


Bikini Gold Edition 2014 Wall Calendar

$12.99  $6.49

Invite a dozen beautiful, bikini-clad women into your home this year with this 2014 wall calendar. ISBN: 1617912980 UPC: 825600042980

201400006153 2014 Model Calendars


Maxim 2014 Wall Calendar

$14.99  $7.49

Maxim Wall Calendar: The sexy models and celebrities from the pages of Maxim magazine will make your year hot no matter what the weather with this sizzlin wall calendar. EAN: 9781438825816 ISBN: 9781438825816

201400006127 2014 Model Calendars


Maxim 2014 Poster Calendar

$15.99  $7.99

The sexy models and celebrities from the pages of Maxim magazine will make your year hot no matter what the weather with this spiral-bound, oversized calendar. With poster-sized perforated pictures, you can be warmed by their heat any time of the year. UPC: 057668847027 EAN: 9781438826455

201400006079 2014 Model Calendars


Maxim 2014 Mini Wall Calendar

$6.99  $3.49

Steam up your year with sized-down photos of the sexy models and celebrities found throughout Maxim magazine. It'll still be hot no matter what the weather! UPC: 057668841575 EAN: 9781438824475

201400006128 2014 Model Calendars


SI Swimsuit 2014 Poster Calendar

$16.99  $8.49

No need to wait for the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition to hit your mailbox; this calendar has all the hottest models, in all the latest swimsuit styles, all year long! UPC: 057668847997 EAN: 9781438826424

201400006203 2014 Model Calendars


SI Swimsuit 2014 Softcover Engagement Calendar

$15.99  $7.99

A hot swimsuit model and plenty of planning space will make tracking your engagements as easy as an ocean breeze. Each unique spiral-bound set of images features models, exotic locales and designer swimsuits from the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition photo shoot. Your schedule never had it so

201400006502 2014 Model Calendars


Garage Girls 2014 Poster Calendar

$17.95  $8.97

A revealing look at our favorite FastDates.com Calendar Kittens without the bikes getting in the way! The perfect 2nd Calendar to keep up to date in the Garage or the House! Featuring the hottest, sexiest new FastDates.com Calendar Kittens Together with the beautiful SBK Calendar Kittens Chrissy Bla

201400003662 2014 Model Calendars


Firefighters 2014 Wall Calendar

$14.99  $7.49

Equipped with ladders, engines, hoses, and uniforms, firefighters are ready to handle the blazes that come their way. This firefighters calendar features New Jersey's Municipal Fire Departments and Companies as well as FDNY "New York Bravest" in action during fire rescue. Scenes include jobs in the

201400003330 2014 Model Calendars


New York City Firefighters 2014 Deluxe Wall Calendar

$15.95  $7.97

Battman, the original photographer of the New York City Firefighters Calendar, has been shooting the calendar since 1996. His 2014 version continues the tradition of featuring the firefighters against a backdrop of New York landmarks. Full page (14 X 10.25 inch) photos and full month pages wi

201400005448 2014 Model Calendars


Boyfriend of the Month 2014 Wall Calendar

$14.99  $7.49

Experience a sexy, sultry and seductive new boyfriend every month in this award-winning and best-selling flagship title filled with dreamy men shot through the lens of photographer Salvador Pozo. UPC: 758781014050 EAN: 9781886888043

201400005727 2014 Model Calendars


Guns and Camo 2014 Wall Calendar

$13.95  $6.97

This hunting calendar hits the target. Guns and Camo features beautiful camo clad ladies in a variety of hunting locations that appeal to hunters everywhere. EAN: 9780983307150

201400005461 2014 Model Calendars


Stallions 2014 Wall Calendar

$15.99  $7.99

No one knows the meaning of masculine better than Raging Stallion Studios, and these rough and rugged men are back in this popular calendar title featuring the biggest, baddest models in the adult film industry. This calendar contains nudity and is intended for a mature audience. UPC: 857604014328

201400005460 2014 Model Calendars


Raging Stallion Studios 2014 Wall Calendar

$15.99  $7.99

Raging Stallion Studios once again delivers the goods for the latest offering of this best-selling title featuring the hottest hung studs that will make 2014 a hard year in the best possible way! This calendar contains nudity and is intended for a mature audience. UPC: 857604014182 EAN: 978188688

201400005453 2014 Model Calendars


Naked Fur 2014 Wall Calendar

$15.99  $7.99

Raging Stallion delivers a full year of hairy, muscular, rugged men in this title that is sure to be a favorite for those who enjoy their men rough, real and un-manicured. This calendar contains nudity and is intended for a mature audience. UPC: 857604014298 EAN: 9781886888296

201400005459 2014 Model Calendars


Naked and Rugged 2014 Wall Calendar

$15.99  $7.99

Look no further than Raging Stallion Studios for the hottest bad boys around. This calendar features some of its most rugged, aggressive studs for you to admire all year long. This calendar contains nudity and is intended for a mature audience. UPC: 857604014274 EAN: 9781886888272

201400000910 2014 Model Calendars


The Perfect Guy 2014 Wall Calendar

$14.99  $7.49

The Perfect Guy offers a winning combination of fabulous photography, perfect bodies, and tongue-in-cheek captions, and is sure to get your heart racing. The new edition features twelve of the most perfect wind-up hunks you could ever imagine! UPC: 764453093711 EAN: 9781416293712

201400009405 2014 Model Calendars


Butt Guy 2014 Wall Calendar

$14.99  $7.49

That Butt Guy gets around. He travels the world in this all-new 2014 wall calendar in which he visits everywhere from Buckingham Palace to the canals of Venice to the Australian Outback. Appearing always in his signature super short (and we mean short!) shorts, he serves as an ambASSador of cringe-i

201400002737 2014 Model Calendars


Hot Nude Jocks 2014 Wall Calendar

$15.99  $7.99

The locker room of your dreams comes alive in this calendar filled with the hottest young jocks from Next Door Studios posing fully nude for your eyes to see. UPC: 857604014212 EAN: 9781886888203

201400002802 2014 Model Calendars


Fit Men 2014 Wall Calendar

$14.99  $7.49

New for 2014! Fit Men features twelve of the hottest fitness models in the business. Photographer Paul Henry Serres knows how to exhibit the body's structure as if it were a sculptural masterpiece. Whether you are into fitness photography or just like hot guys, Fit Men 2014 will satisf

201400002379 2014 Model Calendars


Men 2014 Poster Calendar

$45.99  $22.99

Men Poster Calendar: If you or someone you know enjoys the splendor of the human body, this slimline poster calendar featuring erotic images of some of the most masculine figures around is sure to bring pleasure to the beholder. The 2014 Men Calendar is filled with twelve black and white photos cele

201400002018 2014 Model Calendars


Men 2014 Easel Desk Calendar

$12.95  $6.47

This Men easel desk calendar celebrates the male half of our population. Brawny men, girly-men, men in suits, men in shorts, men in chariots, singing men, wrestling men, camping men - it's all about the glorious men. This calendar features 12 vintage images of men engaged in various pursuits in the 1930s to the 1960s. The calendar (not the men) measures 6 x 7 x 3 when expanded and is printed on acid-free, natural white, heavy cardstock. Made in the USA!

201400002731 2014 Model Calendars


Provocateur Studio Men 2014 Wall Calendar

$15.99  $7.99

By popular demand, this incredibly popular, sensual title draws you into the world of photographer Murray! filled with masculine, well-endowed male nudes. UPC: 857604014366 EAN: 9781886888364

201400008742 2014 Model Calendars


Men 2014 Poster Calendar

$14.95  $7.47

Black and white erotic photography featuring the male body.

201400008868 2014 Model Calendars


Men! 2014 Wall Calendar

$13.95  $6.97

This wall calendar for 2014 features a collection of black and white erotic photography featuring the male body.